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Big business support for your small PT business

Being a small business owner can be tough. Odds are it’s not because you’re not a great Personal Trainer, odds are it’s because you’re not a great marketer, graphic designer, website developer, human resources manager, lawyer, business consultant and all of the other hats you need to wear to be “great” in all aspects of your business. And odds are that as a person who become a Personal Trainer to help people, you hate the thought of most of these jobs. Even if you can do some of them to a “great” level, you simply won’t be able to do all of them a lot of the time. If you can’t answer your phone, then that new enquiry will call a competitor. Even If you can afford an expensive website, it’s often not justifiable for a small business.

As a Fitness Enhancement franchisee it’s still your own business, we’re just building it and your profile as a team under the Fitness Enhancement brand. With 16 years experience, not just in Personal Training, but in every other area of business, we have the skills and experience to do more for you with your business than you could ever imagine doing it alone. Plus being a part of a team means you get the added support, resources and cost sharing benefits at a more economical price (yes even with our fees it’s cheaper) than developing it all yourself.

Here’s 19 of the key benefits of being a franchisee that we give you that you can’t offer as an independent small Personal Training business. Whether it be due to the amount of time, money, effort or skills required, all of these reasons will make it unrealistic to be able to offer and therefore will hold you back from building the successful business you desire. These and many other key reasons are why our current franchisees have decided to join us after starting their own business before realising there had to be an easier and smarter way to achieve their business goals.


The top questions to ask when comparing joining us to going it alone

Our franchise

Gym rent or contract

Does your average client spend over $5000?  yes pt  maybe pt
Do over 80% of potential clients you meet with sign up?  yes pt  maybe pt
Do you get paid for every session and never have to give away free sessions to get busy?  yes pt  maybe pt
Do you have a team spending hundreds of hours a week dedicated to building the brand?  yes pt  no pt
Do you have the business and marketing budget, skills and expertise of a large company?  yes pt  no pt
Do you have a website of a comparable standard and performance to ours for no added cost?  yes pt  no pt
Is there extensive marketing that heavily promotes you as the best Trainer in town?  yes pt  maybe pt
Do you get lots of clients without having to spend half your week networking and marketing?  yes pt  no pt
Do you have anything that makes you stand out in a crowded market place?  yes pt  maybe pt
Do you have a team member answering your phone so you never miss a new enquiry?  yes pt  no pt
Do you have back up staff for if you’re sick or on holidays that you can trust?  yes pt  no pt
Do you have a system and legal contracts to prevent your staff “stealing” your clients?  yes pt  maybe pt
Do you have a custom made CRM program and booking system tailor made for you?  yes pt  no pt
Do you get the savings of sharing costs with other team mates around the country?  yes pt  no pt
Is everything included so on day one you can start with everything ready to help you get busy?  yes pt  no pt
Do you have an experienced PT and business mentor to help grow your business?  yes pt  maybe pt
Do you have your own brand of equipment to look more professional? yes pt  no pt
Has the business been tried and proven for over a decade? yes pt  no pt
Is the head of the company a three times recipiant of the Fitness Australia “Gold Award”? yes pt no pt



Ready to build the PT business you deserve?

Remember territories are limited to one franchisee per 40,000 people, so if you like what you hear get in touch asap.  If you’ve got a question check out our main page on Personal Training franchises or our PT franchise FAQ page to hear directly from our founder.

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