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Personal Training Franchise

With over 80% of the potential clients we meet with signing up and going on to spend an average of $5,000 (and many have spent over $30,000 with us), becoming a Fitness Enhancement Personal Training franchisee and changing our clients lives isn’t just personally rewarding, it’s financially rewarding being your own boss.



Award winning business

We’ve been fine-tuning our award winning business since 1999 to give both clients and Trainers amazing success, and it’s seen us grow to become the third largest Personal Training company in Australia.  With a limited number of territories available and only one Trainer/Franchisee (and their staff) per territory of 40,000 people, this could be your last chance to secure your preferred area.




We can get your business booming!

Are you struggling to get enough clients to make a great living as a Trainer?  Are you paying rent to a Gym and getting nothing from them except a nice facility where you have to compete with other Trainers? Are you struggling to get new enquiries through your advertising, and even when the phone does ring you find yourself missing half the calls anyway?  Are you looking at becoming a Trainer and opening your own business but not sure where to start?

Becoming a Fitness Enhancement Trainer solves the problems and is surprisingly affordable to buy a Personal Training franchise with us.  As Australia’s third largest Personal Training company with 18 years of experience, we’re experts at getting and keeping our Trainers busy.


Big business support

Until now the only way to get big business support and big business advertising was to buy a Gym franchise for hundreds of thousands of dollars, rent yourself a job by paying rent to a Gym or follow an overly systemised and repetitious program that takes the “Personal” out of Personal Training.

With Fitness Enhancement you get all the big business support for just a fraction of the cost and anytime need help our Head Office is just a phone call away to help you keep your business booming.

So take a look at buying a real business asset and get properly rewarded for all of your hard work.


“I got more clients in a few months as a Fitness Enhancement Trainer, than I did in five years prior to that.  And I didn’t have to give away sessions or spend half my day prospecting…plus I’m charging more than I ever have”!


– Matthew Eddy, Fitness Enhancement franchisee


Compare us to paying Gym rent

As it’s the most common structure in the fitness industry if you’re under a bigger brand, it’s a natural comparison.  One of the biggest differences is owning a franchise means you “own a business” while Gym rent means you “rent a job”. Find out the other critical differences between us and Gym rent.

PT gym rent




Compare us to going it alone

A Fitness Enhancement franchise is your own business, but with the added luxury of having ongoing team support to help you out along the way, something that is so often lacking within the traditional  “own business” model. Owning a Fitness Enhancement franchise actually lets you build your profile bigger, better and cheaper than most small businesses ever could by going it alone.  Find out why and how your own PT business with us is better.

Sole trader Personal Trainer


PT franchise FAQ’s

Great you’ve got questions!  Here’s a bunch of short videos with our CEO and founder Scott Hunt answering the top questions we get asked about our Personal Training franchises.  If you have questions about us, franchising or how we get our Trainers so busy, you’ll get the answers direct from Scott here.

PT franchise FAQ



Big business support for your small business

Get a ready made Personal Training franchise and business with everything you need to succeed.  Your success is our success!  Heres just some of the things we include in Australia’s best value fitness franchise:

  • Studio and Mobile franchises to give you unlimited growth opportunities
  • Big budget marketing 100% focused on getting PT clients, not Gym members!
  • Low overheads and expenses compared to buying a 24/7 franchise or Gym
  • Take on staff to build a big business and make money even when you’re not working
  • Be your own boss, choose your own hours and get the quality of life you deserve
  • Extensive marketing that directly targets clients who want (and can afford) a PT long term
  • Our 1800 PT for U number manned by Trainers in head office so you never miss a new enquiry
  • Booking systems, Customer Relationship Managment programs, payment systems, HR, contracts for your staff
  • Graphic design, websites, social media and anything else related to making you look like the best Trainer in town.
  • Personal Training qualifications for an additional $3,000 if you’re not yet qualified
  • A week of training customised to your strengths and weakness with our team at our head office
  • Unlimited ongoing support and help from our experienced team.  Your success is our success!
  • Your own exclusive marketing territory of 40,000 people so you never have to compete with your fellow Trainers
  • All the equipment you need to have a fully equipped business from day one
  • Franchise Council Australia accredited for your protection and success
  • An award winning and trusted brand established in 1999

Territories are selling fast, so if you’re ready to take your Personal Training career and business to the next level get in touch with us ASAP before you miss out!

Not yet a qualified Personal Trainer?  Ask about how you can have your Certificate III and IV in Fitness and industry experience included in the price of your franchise.

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