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Although we’re proud to be the most qualified and experienced team of Personal Trainers, our most important qualifications are the results our clients get. Unlike many places, these aren’t our only success stories – when you come in for your free consultation you will see an entire wall of clients who have received our ‘client of the month’ award. We have helped hundreds of clients achieve and exceed their goals, and we can help you too.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

Shari lost 100 kg!



Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


"My Bad Back Is Gone" - Tom

Fitness Enhancement TestimonialAs an airline pilot, I spend a lot of time travelling overseas, working abnormal hours and recovering from jet lag. Exercise is the last thing on my mind when I'm tired, so I didn't do much for a few years and of course I put on a few kilos and an old back injury started to flair up. I knew a Personal Trainer would be happy to work in with my weird schedule so I booked a free consultation to check it out. Sometimes I train twice a week and other times I'll miss a whole week due to work, however I just make sure I make up for lost time and it doesn't matter.

I've now been training for five months and I've lost a few kilos of fat and my bad back is now perfect after years of it hurting and feeling weak. My whole body has toned up and changed shape, to the point where I've had to buy new work shirts as the old ones were too tight on my upper body. I love the variety of training with all the different Personal Trainers at Fitness Enhancement and although I might be tired from work, I know they will also psyche me up to have a great session. Disclaimer: Individual results may vary



Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


"I trekked 97km" - Rebecca

I'd joined heaps of Gyms over the years but always wound up wasting my money. I'd get bored and quit. I knew a Personal Trainer would help me and I could get the job done in one session a week so I wouldn't get bored. I shopped around a lot and found that Fitness Enhancement were the only Personal Trainers that sounded professional and passionate about helping me. I only need to see my Personal Trainer once a week and walk a fair bit the rest of the week. My Personal Trainer always knows how hard to push me and only gives me the exercises she knows I will like.

I've dropped 17 kg over the last couple of years and have just completed the 97 km Kokoda trek in 30 hours! They're my two biggest achievements so far, however after years of feeling lethargic, I love feeling energised all day long. Disclaimer: Individual results may vary



Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


"We feel 10 years younger" - Bruce and Sally

Fitness Enhancement TestimonialsWe had tried different Gyms over the years, but found there wasn't any motivation because the Personal Trainers at Gyms only wanted to talk to people half our age and weight. We had limited success and thought all Gyms were the same, until our daughter talked us into giving Fitness Enhancement a go. We began seeing a Personal Trainer twice a week, which was a similar price to a Gym as we could share a session and halve the price.

After only ten months we've both toned up and it's great to feel a few years younger. I (Bruce) have loosened up and become much more flexible after having stiffened up after years of being a brick layer. I can also hit the golf ball better and further! Disclaimer: Individual results may vary



Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


"This is the only place that gets results" - Shellie

Fitness Enhancement TestimonialsI had tried heaps of different weight loss programs over the years, and yes, I'd lose a few kilos, but then I'd burn out and put it all back, plus a little extra! These places made me feel like I was a quitter, which made me feel even worse. That is until I went to Fitness Enhancement and my Personal Trainer told me it was their fault for giving me an unsustainable program that didn't cater to my needs.

My Personal Trainer looked at what had and hadn't worked for me in the past and customised a program around me. I wasn't given the same boring thing like at the other places. As I changed, so did my program.

Nine months on I've lost an amazing 27 kg and I'm still losing weight every week. I don't feel like I'll burn out as every time I get tired of one thing my Personal Trainer changes my program and gives me something new. I only have to workout twice a week and I don't have to starve myself or drink stupid shakes, potions or vitamins. Disclaimer: Individual results may vary



Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


"I lost 30kg in 11 months" - Liam

Fitness Enhancement TestimonialEven as a teenager I was never fit and lean, after school I piled on the weight from too much eating and drinking with my mates. After a few years of getting bigger I got fed up with my mates making smart cracks, so I thought stuff it and took up Kickboxing. I knew a Gym would be boring but Personal Training and Kickboxing looked like fun, plus I knew no one would let me slack off.

I started out training twice a week however once the first few kilos fell off I was motivated to start going four times a week. I didn't get too strict on my diet, I just stopped eating junk food and drinking so much. I've been training for 11 months now and have dropped 30 kg! I'm skinnier, fitter and stronger than when I was in high school and I've just achieved a life long goal of having my first Kickboxing fight. Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


"I'm 50 years old and can do 30 pushups" - Karyn

I began training at Fitness Enhancement in 1999, I was already in pretty good shape, but I knew I needed something extra. I had no interest in going to a Gym or getting a Personal Trainer because I assumed they were all for posers and people in their 20's. That is until I met Scott Hunt at Fitness Enhancement and was surprised to see that he was down to earth and focussed on my goals, not his own. I gave it a go and a few months later I was fitter stronger and leaner than I was in my 20's. I got more results from 30 minutes of Personal Training than the hours and hours of Golf, Tennis and walking I had been doing for years! Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


"I dropped 25kg in 5 months" - Brian

Fitness Enhancement TestimonialI used to be in great shape 20 years ago, however I spent a couple of decades putting business and family first, so I always ran out of time to exercise. I got to a point where I realized my size and lack of health was getting dangerous and knew it was time to start getting some balance in my life. I started seeing a Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainer twice a week, because I knew I didn't have enough spare time available to go to a Gym. I also started using some common sense in regards to food and stopped grabbing the fastest, and usually the unhealthiest thing I could find.

I've now been training for five months and have dropped 25kg on the scales and built several kilograms of muscle. I've gone from an XXL shirt size to a large .......and now it's tight in the right places! I started for weight loss but one of the best results is the extra benefits of being fit. I get through a big day a lot easier, I work better and I'm more productive. I sleep a lot better and I also wake up a lot easier. It just feels good to be fit and healthy and see the muscles I haven't seen for 20 years! Disclaimer: Individual results may vary