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I’m Worried I’m Too Big To Start

No exercises you hate, no Gym junkies and no bland food or shakes. It’s just you, your Personal Trainer and weight loss for life.

  • You will feel comfortable from the moment you enter our Studio. We are not your stereotypical ‘skinny person’ Gym. We are a 100% private Personal Training Studio. This means you will have your own 100% private room to workout in, so you will never have to feel embarrassed working out in a crowded Gym. Or you can have one of our mobile Personal Trainers come to you for a great session in the privacy of your own home.
  • Our male and female Personal Trainers are friendly, professional and down to earth. They are not Gym junkies who won’t understand you, they are real people with a passion for helping you to lose weight and live a long, happy and active life.
  • You are an individual, so you will never be given exercises you hate, or banned from eating your favourite foods. Your Personal Trainer will customise a weight loss program around you and your goals. The key to long term weight loss is enjoyment and sustainability. If you don’t enjoy a program, or can’t fit it into your lifestyle, it will not work.
  • There’s no expensive food to buy and no bland shakes to drink. You can eat your own food and your Personal Trainer will guide and support you with your free food and exercise diary or through our comprehensive online food and exercise diary.
  • You will never ever do the same workout twice. Doing the same workout again and again like at Gyms is boring, impersonal and ineffective. Every Personal Training session will be different to ensure you have fun, stay motivated and lose weight!
  • We won’t waste your valuable time! Because your session is custom made to fit you, we can cut out all the time wasting generic exercises you would do at a Gym.You will get more results from one session a week with one of our Personal Trainers, than three sessions a week at a Gold Coast Gym.
  • Over the past decade our Personal Trainer have helped clients lose thousands of kilos, and keep it off. Whether you have 5kg or 50kg to lose our success stories include morbidly obese clients who have been able to prevent diabetes and avoid lap band surgery thanks to the success of our program. We can help you too.
  • It’s easy to make a start, click the book button, or call us right now on 1800 PT for U (783 678) to make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our Personal Trainers to see how easy it can be. We’ll even give you a free pair of Boxing gloves and a free food and exercise diary when you decide to give us a go!

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