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I Dont Have The Time And Motivation

If you can’t find time to be fit, you will have to find time to be sick

We know you have better things to do with your time than go to a Gym three times a week. The good news is you don’t have to! Get better results from us with just one Personal Training session a week. That’s less than 1% of your week to get fit and lose weight. When it comes to your health, you can’t afford not to find time.

Our Gold Coast Personal Training Studios are 100% private. It’s just you and your male or female Personal Trainer in your own private training room, so you don’t have to waste your time waiting for equipment like you would at a crowded Gym. Or you can save even more time and have one of our Mobile Personal Trainers come to you anywhere on the Gold Coast. Your Personal Trainer will pack a weeks worth of exercise into one session and every workout will be customised around you and your goals.

If you have ever been to a Gym and found it boring, repetitive and time consuming, you’re right, it is! You’ve got better things to do with your time! We value your time as much as you do, so your Personal Trainer will develop a program that fits into your busy lifestyle.

Every single Personal Training session will be different, so you will never get bored or lose motivation. And because every workout is customised around you, we can cut out all the time wasting generic exercises you would do at a Gym and give you more results from less time. You will love every session with us and your Personal Trainer will be there one-on-one to ensure you love getting maximum results, from the minimum amount of time.

Our Personal Trainers are also great value. We’re around 20% cheaper than other Gold Coast Personal Trainers and unlike a Gym we have no joining fees, upfront or memberships fees. Time is money, so for many of our clients being able to get real results from just one Personal Training session a week is priceless compared to have to spend three times as long at a Gym for half the results.

You can find time for one session a week, so click the book button to book a free consultation now, or call us on 1800 PT for U (783 678). One of our Personal Trainers will meet with you to explain how we can get you the results you deserve from less than 1% of your week.

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