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I Always Seem To Quit After 6 Weeks

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Most people quit a Gym or fitness program after six weeks because they lose motivation, they don’t have time, or the program is boring, impersonal or ineffective. If the program doesn’t suit your lifestyle, you won’t keep it up. It’s a common problem we see and it’s not so much a problem with you, it’s a problem with the Gym or weight loss centre that was unable to cater to your specific needs, wants and goals. It doesn’t matter how many fancy machines a Gym has, or how many kilos your friend lost on a shake diet, if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle it will not work. Sure you can battle through and get great results for six weeks, but if after that you get fed up and put the weight back on in two weeks what was the point of it all? Long term success only comes from a program that fits you and your lifestyle. Your Personal Trainer will create a program around your specific goals needs and wants, so you will never get bored, you will never do exercise you hate and we will never waste your time. Most people get amazing results from just one Personal Training session a week, so it is a lot more sustainable than having to go to the Gym three or more times a week. You will never do the same workout twice. Doing the same program again and again like at a Gym or at home is boring, impersonal, ineffective and it’s the biggest reason people quit after 6 weeks. Every Personal Training session will be different to ensure you get results you’ll want to keep coming back for more well beyond 6 weeks. Our Personal Training Studios are 100% private. It’s just you and your Personal Trainer in one of our three private air-conditioned training rooms, or anywhere you like on the Gold Coast with one of our Mobile Personal Trainers. Your Personal Trainer will always be there to keep you motivated and on track. We offer value for money. If you have ever paid for a one year Gym membership and only used two months, or bought an expensive home Gym that now gets used as a cloth line, you will know how frustrating it is to have wasted your money on something that gave you no long term results. We have no membership fees, no joining fees, we are 20% cheaper than most Gold Coast Personal Trainers. Most importantly, we can ensure you results well beyond six weeks. To see how easy it can be to get the results you deserve at our Studio, or anywhere else you like on the Gold Coast with one of our Mobile Personal Trainers, book a free consultation right now. Simply click the book button or call us right now on 1800 PT for U (783 678) and we’ll even give you a free pair of Boxing gloves and a free food and exercise diary if you decide to give us a go!

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