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The following should help to answer some frequently asked questions regarding Corporate fitness sessions. If you question is not answered below, or you just want to know more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of our friendly staff will be able to help you out!


Where are your corporate fitness locations?

We are currently across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  We come to your workplace or any location you choose like a local park or beach.  Our Corporate Fitness Trainers all work together, so if you have offices across different states we can roll out the same program to each office.


What do you do in your Corporate fitness sessions?

Our corporate sessions are as unique as your organisation is.  We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all sessions, so we customise every session around your employees and your company goals.  What all sessions have in common are professional, down to earth and caring Corporate Personal Trainers dedicated to helping your employees.  Our sessions focus on functional fitness to help your employees get more out of life, in particular in the workplace considering they spend 40 hours a week there. Staff will have different goals, needs, common postural issues and injuries if they work a desk job, compared to being on their feet all day, and different again compared to staff lifting and moving heavy items all day. Fitness sessions may include a variety of strength and endurance training, cardio training, stretching and flexibility.


Do we need equipment?

No, we bring it all.  The best exercises need little or no equipment, just check out all of these exercise videos.

Big machines are not practical in relation to real life movements, we focus on functional exercises that get your body moving how it’s supposed to.  We bring equipment such as small weights, boxing pads, medicine balls, kettle bells and resistance bands. The most important thing we bring is experience, passion and head full of ideas.  If you do want to set up a permanent Gym in your workplace we are retailors of equipment and can set it all up for you from scratch.  We can work with budgets from just a few thousand dollars for a small fit out, to as high as you like for a full Gym.


Our employees are all different fitness levels, can they train together?

Absolutely! In fact it’s a great team building exercise to do exercise together as a group.  Your Trainer is there to tailor each session to all different abilities, goals and limitations.  Obviously the larger the group and the more varied the abilities the trickier this becomes, however our Corporate Trainers have the skills and experience to work with all abilities and work around injuries, to make sure every team member gets a great workout without feeling like they’re slowing anyone else down, or being held back!


What size can each corporate group be?

We don’t set a limit, but we can help you determine what’s right for you and your company – depending on group size we may need to have additional Trainers help out to ensure proper supervision and personal attention.  Typically corporate fitness tends to range from 4 to 20 people in each group.  While our goal is always to maximise participation, often we find the sessions are available to 20 plus staff but each session only sees half a dozen people come along.  For many staff it’s the thought that counts, just knowing the boss is investing in their health helps to improve work culture and foster positivity. However after a few months of seeing colleagues loving it and seeing results, more reluctant staff will start to join in and reap the benefits for themselves.


How do we get our "exercise hating" employees on board with this?

Often the people who are the most negative about a workplace wellness program, are the people that need to attend it the most.  Some companies have offered internal incentives for staff to attend.  However the most common situation is everyone simply seeing how friendly, down to earth and non-intimidating our Trainers are.  Add to this genuine encouragement from fellow staff members and sooner or later most ‘exercise haters’ realise they won’t have to do exercises they hate with us, it will simply be a fun and friendly team building activity with their peers, that might get their heart rate up a little!


How long do corporate workout sessions go for? 

Most go for an hour, however if you want a half hour session to fit in a lunch break we can also accommodate this.  Most companies offer one or two sessions a week to staff, ongoing. However we can do things like 12-week corporate challenges, one-off sessions or any other length that suits your needs.


What goals do you train people for?

Out biggest goal with a Corporate Wellness program is participation. We first of all look at how we can get the majority of your employees attending and actually enjoying sessions.  Results, not just in fitness but in productivity and teamwork go through the roof when everyone works together.  It sounds obvious, but without participation we can’t help people.  Once we get participation we can focus on individual goals, we have helped thousands of clients over the years achieve amazing results in things including weight loss, increased fitness and managing chronic conditions.


What's the ROI of Corporate Wellness sessions?

Studies have shown that properly designed wellness programs can deliver significant benefits, with an average return on investment between 2:1 and 5:1 for every dollar spent. Things like increased productivity, reduction in absenteeism, presenteeism and increased staff retention rates. The value of a good staff member will far outweigh the cost of a wellness program. People are more likely to WANT to work for a company that provides employee wellness benefits – In one survey, 87% of respondents reported that they would rather be employed by someone who provides health and well-being support, and 82% believed that these programs improve employee well-being.

Research has also shown that employees who feel valued, validated, and appreciated are far more efficient, effective, and productive than their unhappy, underappreciated counterparts. Forbes magazine reported that 77% of employees feel health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work. Don’t forget about the cost of not taking action, the cost of absenteeism in Australia is estimated at $7 billion each year, while presenteeism was recently estimated to cost the economy more than $34 billion a year. Whilst we can never stop the risk completely, getting your staff fit, healthy and strong can certainly decrease the risk of illness and injury.


How much are Corporate fitness sessions?

Our prices start at just $90 a week and go from there based on the size of the groups, the number of sessions and anything else you require a full wellness program as opposed to a weekly fitness session. We can tailor make a package to suit your needs including group fitness sessions, stretching sessions, nutrition workshops and fitness testing.


What size company are your corporate sessions suited to?

All sizes! We range from small business with a couple of staff where the boss and their families all join in, up to international companies that we run extensive programs for.  As we have Trainers across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold we’re the go-to place for large organisations with multiple offices.


Do you help with nutrition and education?

Yes, your sessions come with resources such as our Corporate Wellness webinars for your staff to watch at no additional charge. Your package can incorporate workshops to assist with in-office nutrition, in office exercise and stretching, using foam rollers or any other topic you might request. We also work with dietitians should you require additional one-on-one assistance and specific meal plan development.


We're busy! How do we find time for it?

Our focus is to get your staff healthy, happier and more productive in the workplace, and of course the rest of their life.  We realise the “I don’t have time” excuse is used by businesses as well as individuals, so for many of our clients they simply provide one 60 minute session a week (less than 3% of a work week) for staff, and that’s it, no extra workshops or testing. For the most profitable investment of your employees time and your money this is often the best option.  The 60 minutes can be held AT the workplace right before work, after work or even during the lunch break in the middle of the day – this way there is no need to travel anywhere extra, and the staff can simply get changed back into or out of their work clothes at the end of the session. Every workplace can find the time and money to invest in their number one asset for 60 minutes a week.


How do I get boss to agree to this?

Getting the CEO or CFO on board can be tricky, especially if they personally don’t see the value of fitness.  What you can guarantee they will see is the return on a smart investment, send them some of these articles to illustrate the facts. Everyone sees employee productivity as a priority, the key is to have them realise the direct link between health and fitness and productivity. Check out this additional information on benefits of corporate fitness for employees, employers, team building and return on investment.


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