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Check out Shari's amazing results in our Boot Camps!

Having failed at Gyms many times over the years Shari knew one of the things she needed to succeed this time around was personal support and a Trainer dedicated to her long term success.  A friend convinced Shari to give us a go with the promise of “100% private” Personal Training at our Studio.  After dropping a lot of weight in our private one on one sessions Shari had the confidence to join our Boot Camps.  At a fraction of the price of one on one plus the amazingly supportive groups we have she knew our group sessions were the best way to continue her weight loss journey.  Now with a total weight loss of 100kg* with Fitness Enhancement Trainers Shari still loves our sessions, but more importantly, loves life! *Disclaimer: Individual results may vary



Our Boot Camps cater to all

Check out the video to get an idea of some of the exercises we do in our Boot Camp sessions.  The video is shot in our Studio one on one, but obviously we can do the bulk of things in the video in a group session in the park too, plus it’s a whole lot more fun in a group.   We always put an extra focus on safety if anyone has any special needs, whether it be a disability, an injury, old age or an extreme amount of weight like Shari.  We do not want to make people sore and sorry!

However if you are fit, we promise to give you the hardest workout of your life!  Our Boot Camp classes are kept small and personal to ensure no one can hide or slack off!


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Join Shari and many other success stories in our Boot Camps now!  Simply give us a call for a chat or to book or click below to request our latest timetable for our sessions all over Australia.

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