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A Gold Coast private Studio that’s nothing like a gym!

We offer 100% private one on one Personal Training on the Gold Coast Studio and Small Group Training from just $30 per week unlimited sessions.


100% private Personal Training Studios on the Gold Coast

When you train with us it’s 100% private – just you and your Personal Trainer in your own reserved training room. Our trainers will have you looking and feeling your best with sessions that are 100% focused on you. Your trainer will design the workout specifically for you and your needs! Never do the same workout twice and actually enjoy the exercises given to you.


Small Group Personal Training

If one on one sessions aren’t your style or don’t fit your budget, why not put our small group personal training to the test! Unlimited training from just $30 a week, with only a handful of like-minded people in each session. Our groups are small, so you’ll get the personal attention that you need! Our workouts combine the best of all styles. Sessions are planned and conducted by our Personal Trainers, and they incorporate weights, cross-training, boxing, kickboxing drills, pilates and more.


Professional Personal Trainers at our 100% private studio available daily from early morning to late evening





It’s All About You

Our trainers design each workout specifically for you and your body. Don’t like exercise? Don’t worry – we’ll create a workout you’ll love, and every workout will be different. You’ll get amazing results, and you’ll enjoy the whole journey.


Results in Just 60 Minutes a Week

Our Personal Trainers focus on getting you to do the right exercises that get you the right results. No wasting time here – every workout is customised to your goals, giving you more results in less time, even if you can only spare 60 minutes a week!


Affordable Rates

No expensive membership fees here – you only pay for the sessions you plan to do. Use your sessions whenever, however and with whoever you like. Our Personal Training sessions are affordable and you’ll be even able to share them with a friend!



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