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Mobile Personal Training Gold Coast

Save the hassle of coming to our Personal Training Studio and have one of our Gold Coast Mobile Personal Trainers come to you anywhere you like.


Better results than a Gym, with less hassle

Results don’t come from fancy Gym machines; they come from a knowledgeable and experienced Trainer that understands you and your unique goals.  It’s one of the reasons our Mobile Personal Trainers on the Gold Coast can get you the same great results as coming to our Studio, and way better results than any Gym.  You don’t need much room, any small backyard, garage or lounge room is plenty of space! Check out the videos of our sessions at our Studio and you’ll notice that unless your goal is to lift huge weights, most of the exercises can be done with the gear our Mobile Trainers bring to you.


Mobile Personal Training solves problems

Don’t have the time to waste driving to a Gym, parking and then queuing for gear?  Too tired to get home from work then go out again for the Gym?  Problem solved!  Your Mobile Personal Trainer will come to your Gold Coast home whenever you like from 5am to 9pm.  And if you travel for work we have Trainers throughout most of Australia.

Juggling kids and home life and can’t get away from the house?  We’re more than happy for them to join in, or feel free to interrupt your session to attend to your kids.  What a great example you’ll be setting working out in front of them!

We all know how much easier it is to shop from home or even work from home, so why not get fit and lose weight from home?


Home, resort Gym, park, beach, work or anywhere you like

We can train you anywhere that suits you (we’ve even trained clients on a yacht), and it’s fine to mix and match your location depending on the weather or your work.  Train with friends or family and you can split the price to make it even cheaper than a Gym!  Or organise a Corporate Health and Wellness Program and have your boss pay for you and work colleagues to get in shape.

Or if you’d prefer, come to our Gold Coast Personal Training Studio, our one on one sessions are 100% private and our Group Personal Training starts from only $30 a week for unlimited classes.


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Enquire now and get a $0 joining fee, free Boxing gloves and free food and exercise diary if you decide to join!