Client Rowan trains in our private Brisbane Personal Training studio

Noan and RowanBrisbane Personal Training studio

Rowan started training with Personal Trainer Noan in August 2017 and has not looked back since. Rowan wanted to make sure she had professional guidance on her fitness journey. She needed help with correcting her posture and form while doing different exercises to gain the maximum results out of her workouts. Rowan enjoys training in the private Brisbane Personal Training studio environment and the encouragement and support Trainer Noan provides her.

Starting her fitness journey

Rowan wanted to learn correct technique for lifting heavier weights and started her weighted squats with just a 20kg barbell. Every time she squats she keeps in mind Trainer Noan’s instructions to push with her legs, lock her core and watch her lower back. Rowan has come a long way from when she started, and she can now squat with 60kg! Rowan also loves walking everywhere she goes (a great form of exercise for anyone!), and due to this her calf muscles can get very tight, and she appreciates having Noan show her some calf stretches to relieve her aching muscles.

Enjoying the trainingPersonal Training studio

Rowan enjoys how Personal Trainer Noan always pushes and encourages her to achieve more in her training sessions. She also likes how they can have lots of fun in the Personal Training sessions at the same time! Brisbane Personal Training studio offers a great and supportive environment for Rowan to reach her fitness goals. Rowan says the best thing about working out is to feel highly accomplished after every Personal Training session.


Rowan says:

My Trainer Noan is highly enthusiastic and motivational. Thanks to Noan for all her encouraging and training, I was able to push harder and overcome a barrier in my fitness life.

Favourite exercise:

My favourite exercise is certainly deadlifts because I enjoy how it works different muscle groups in my body, and challenges me to push, lift, lock, and concentrate well as to maintain the correct form throughout.

Client Rowan1Least favourite exercise:

My least favourite exercise (and a killer) is triceps extension. Training the triceps for me is difficult, so every time I do triceps extensions I feel like I am being pushed to the edge.

Future goals:

My major training goals are to work on my upper body strength and maintain this fitness routine with a clear mindset.








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