Client Angela does Personal Training to get stronger for obstacle racing

Setting newtroy and angela goals

Since starting with her Personal Trainer Troy about three months ago, Angela has progressively gotten stronger and lost 5 kg of her body weight! Now Angela feels like she is ready to set some new motivating goals for her future training sessions. Angela enjoys pushing her body to its limits in her Personal Training sessions, and loves all the encouragement and support her Trainer Troy offers especially when training gets hard! With her Personal Trainer, Angela is able to push herself to go further and further each time, she says this is great as it gives her a benchmark for her next training session!

From boot camps to Personal Training

Angela has trained with a Personal Trainer and done some running and boot camps prior to starting with our Cornubia Personal Trainers. After a while, she felt like she wasn’t getting enough out of boot camp style training and decided to stick to just one-on-one Personal Training sessions where each and every session will be designed to suit her individual goals. Now, Angela plans to continue her training with Beenleigh Personal Trainer Troy and is taking herself to the next level by participating in some obstacle races this year! To support her goals, Trainer Troy makes sure that Angela keeps getting stronger and builds endurance in order to finish the whole obstacle course and to have the strength to complete any challenging exercises she might face there.

Favourite exercise:

I love upper body exercises, especially bench press.

Least favourite exercise:

I don’t really have a least favourite exercise. However, if I had to say one it would probably be holding a plank.

Future goals:

I want to be able to not only do pull ups but also full body pull ups. I also wouldn’t mind losing another 2kg.








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