Clients John and Dagmar keep old age at bay with Personal Training!

John and Dagmar trainingMobile Personal Training

John and Dagmar have been on their fitness journey for the last 10 years. They started training with their Fitness Enhancement Trainer Melissa a couple of years ago. Working out at home with a mobile Personal Trainer compliments their busy lifestyle and makes training easy and convenient.

After turning 60, John and Dagmar decided to start improving their health and fitness to stay active once they had retired. They both wanted to improve their flexibility and overall fitness. John was unable to do outrigger racing anymore and wanted to find another way to keep his fitness up. John and Dagmar enjoy training together and motivating each other in their sessions.

Personal Training results

After consistently training 3 times a week with their Trainer Melissa, both John and Dagmar feel much fitter and more energised for their day. John even had open heart surgery done a few years ago, and he felt the recovery from the operation was much faster, due to the level of fitness he had achieved prior the surgery!


Favourite aspects of training

John’s favourite aspect in training is getting up early to see the sunrise while he works out. Dagmar enjoys having fun in their training sessions, and the variety of exercises their Trainer Melissa gives them. There’s not much they don’t enjoy about the training sessions, but they can both agree on one thing… Their least favourite exercise is Burpees!

John and Dagmar have been very persistent with their training over the years, and the results speak for themselves! Dagmar’s favourite exercise is wall sit, which she can hold for 5 minutes. John likes the plank exercise and his record is planking for 2 minutes straight! Their Trainer Melissa is very happy and impressed by their achievements, and conducts regular fitness testing to keep them improving and on their toes!



Favourite exercise:John and Dagmar

Plank and wall sit

Least favourite exercise:


Future goals:

To keep improving our fitness and keep old age at bay!








*Individual results may vary