Neil Geddes, Paratrooper, Personal Trainer and Dad


IMG_2252 bestChildhood

Neil grew up as a ‘military brat’,  moving house about 14 times so he doesn’t have any one place he called home as a child. Growing up Neil didn’t play any sport or complete regular exercise, and considered himself a little chubby. In his late teens he decided he didn’t want to be chubby anymore and started Training. Once he started, he was hooked. He joined the Army and completed many years of rigorous physical training, including 2 years training for Special Forces selection. He only stopped when he was medically removed after a serious back injury.

Military Career

Neil has spent 15 years with the military, the majority as a Paratrooper as the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment. He also spent some time as a parachute jump master at the Parachute Training School, Nowra, NSW and an infantry recruit instructor at the school of infantry, singleton, NSW. The last 2 years of his career have been spent in military intelligence, Neil describes himself in this role as ‘Kinda like Jason Bourne only uglier and less cool.’

Fitness Career

When planning his exit from the military, Neil wanted to move in the direction of  exercise and nutrition and helping people. As a single dad of three, he was looking for a career path that gave him maximum time with his three gorgeous kiddies, but also let him continue down a path that he is super-passionate about.  He knew being a Personal Trainer was for him and after months of research becoming a Fitness Enhancement franchisee was a clear winner.  One month in and business is booming for him and his first staff member in Aspley in Brisbane.  Neil says ‘A wise man once said if you do something you love, you never work a day in your life.‘ Neil loves everything to do with training and nutrition and loves teaching others about it so they can make positive changes in their own lives.

Training Style

Neil’s personal preference for his own fitness is weight training, HIIT and taking the kids mountain climbing – Neil says ‘It’s actually bushwalking up the side of a mountain but the kids still like to think of themselves as mountain climbers’. When it comes to Training clients he believes that everybody has a reason for training. Nobody “just wants to lose weight” or “just wants to build muscle”. Neil is a big believer that if you can tap into that REASON behind the goal, you can motivate anybody and help them to fight through when they are ready to give up, so Neil places a big emphasis on motivation.

Five Questions with Neil

What is your favourite part of being a PT?

Guiding and mentoring people to make positive changes in their own lives.

What is your most memorable training session?

Training a friend for Special Forces selection, we pushed each other through a gruelling 3 hour session that involved long distance sprints, kettlebells, box jumps and burpees. It’s not a session that I would get just anyone to do, but for where he was in his life and what he was training for, it was perfect. Sometimes training is more about the ability to continue than the fitness behind it.

What is your favourite exercise as a trainer?

Anything with kettlebells. They are so versatile that they can be used at any fitness level, any skill level and used to achieve any goal.

What is your favourite exercise or sport outside of work?

Free weights and sprints.

What is your favourite quote?

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… you’re right.