Clients Jason and Carla maintain their fitness with mobile Personal Training

Mobile Personal TrainingMotivation for training

Carla started Personal Training with Trainer Danielle in 2016 and soon after that she invited her husband Jason to join in the sessions to support him to start exercising again. Carla works in a very demanding and busy field, and finds that maintaining her health and fitness helps her to function and perform better professionally and in everyday life as well. Jason needed a reset and was happy to start working on his fitness again after a more sedentary time in his life.

Mobile Personal Training

Jason and Carla have different goals when it comes to training, but still very much enjoy training together and the support they can give each other in training sessions. Jason mainly wanted to lose weight and increase his functional fitness levels. Carla’s goals are to increase her mental and physical wellbeing to keep up with her busy lifestyle. Having Trainer Danielle to come to their house for mobile Personal Training sessions, means that Jason and Carla don’t have to waste any time travelling to a gym. Trainer Danielle makes sure that both Jason and Carla get equally challenged in every training session!

Obstacle racesPersonal trainer

Jason and Carla completed their first obstacle race in November 2017 and Trainer Danielle joined in to support and encourage them on the way. After the first race, Jason was hooked and has already signed up for three more races this year! Carla was very happy to complete the race as she has been suffering from recurrent back issues and pro-lapsed discs prior to starting Personal Training. Trainer Danielle has been focusing on strengthening Carla’s core and lower back to help with her back problems. All the effort is paying off and Carla can know deadlift 55kg and bench press 37.5kg, which is something she never thought would be possible for her!


Jason says:

Personal Training keeps me focused and grounded. When I’m training with our Trainer Danielle I’m happy!

Carla says:

PT provides me with a fantastic energy boost and assists with my mental focus. I love a good challenge!

In-home personal training

Favourite exercise:

Jason: Anything HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Carla: Boxing!

Least favourite exercise:

Jason: Burpees…..they suck!

Carla: Haha, I like Burpees!….. Skipping sucks!

Future goals:

Jason: 2018 is going to be action-packed having already signed up for three obstacle races! Obstacle Hell (Feb), Spartan Beast (Apr) and Stadium Stomp (Jul).

Carla: I thrive on my PT sessions to keep me balanced and use them to challenge myself. Any progress, no matter how small, is a step forward in the right direction, and that’s how I approach my training.







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