Client Simran loves how Group Personal Training challenges her

Gold Coast Personal Training studio

Group Personal Training

Simran started Group Personal Training classes at our 100% private Gold Coast Studio about a year ago, when she decided it was time for a change! She wanted to distract herself from a difficult event in her life and feel better about herself. When first starting out, her goals were to lose a bit of weight and just to get fitter. Even though her main goal wasn’t to lose a large amount of weight, Simran has still managed to lose 13 kilos on the way! A great achievement she can be very proud of! Simran has also gained strength, confidence and has a much better self-esteem now than before she started.

Small Group classes

Simran tried a few Gyms and Personal Trainers before starting up with our group training, but it was hard to find anything that would suit her busy schedule as a registered Nurse. Our Gold Coast private Studio has over 20 classes a week, which means there’s plenty of times to choose from as classes run from early in the morning to late afternoon. Simran has been consistently attending 3 to 4 classes per week ever since she started! The variety of exercises our Trainers give to Simran and others in the Group Training sessions, keeps training interesting and the sessions go by in no time! We always keep the groups small, so our Trainers can give heaps of personal attention to every participant.

Future goals

Simran is planning to continue with Group Personal Training in the future and reach even more of her goals. She does 10 km runs every year and will try to finish one in under 40 minutes! Simran loves all cardio related exercises in the classes, but knows she needs to work on her strength too. Our Trainers make sure she gets to do a bit of both in the classes and that she never has to do the same workout twice!


Simran says:

I love the Studio environment. I love the Trainers, they always encourage and push me to achieve more.


Favourite exercise:Small group personal training

I love all cardio related exercise.

Least favourite exercise:


Future goals:

I have a wish/goal to climb Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia and Mt Fuji in Japan in the future!








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