Client Jessica Lewis has beaten social anxiety and smashed her goals

Client Jess3Social anxiety

Jess started her personal training with Fitness Enhancement just over a year ago, and has been enjoying every moment. She has suffered from social anxiety for a long time and it has been a major barrier in her life. Social anxiety or social phobia can cause extreme fear of meeting new people or being in unfamiliar situations. People suffering from social anxiety might start avoiding social situations all together. This has a huge effect on the quality of their life and can manifest as physical as well as mental symptoms.

Client Jess2Life changing trip

Jess had always wanted to join a gym, but had been struggling to go to one, since the anxiety kept rearing its head every time she was attempting to make a start. Her sister used to be a client with Fitness Enhancement, and she was encouraging Jess to make a change in her life. Training at the studio is very unintimidating with 100% private training rooms for clients to workout in. Finally, a trip to Fox Glacier in New Zealand a couple of years ago, made Jess to start changing her life for better. She wanted to visit one of the viewing areas at the glacier, but to be able to see the amazing view she had to walk through a rocky and slippery trail. This was a hazardous path, with ‘danger’ signs warning walkers from stopping for too long. When she finally reached the end of the trail, she decided to change her life for good! On that day, Jess promised herself that she would get fit and healthy. This had been a life-changing trip for Jess in every aspect; climbing up the steep hill and the support from her sister, helped Jess to finally make the decision she knew would be one of the best ones in her life. Sometimes all we need is a little push to the right direction!

Smashing all the goals

Building her confidence around social situations and in every-day life, was one of the main the goals Jess wanted to achieve with personal training. She has now been training with her Personal Trainer Andrea for about a year. Since starting training at Fitness Enhancement, Jess has now lost incredible 20 kg! Along with the amazing weight loss achievement, Jess has also gained so much more confidence. She loves the variety of different exercises her Trainers give her in the sessions, and has been enjoying every bit. Jess already has a new goal set for the future; she wants to get started with group training and challenge herself even more. This is a big challenge for Jess, since her anxiety keeps rising up when around big groups of people. But Jess is very determined and hopeful, she can overcome this obstacle and start up with group training by the end of the year.Client Jess

Favourite exercise:

 I like a lot of exercises, I don’t really have a favourite one.

Least Favourite exercise:

The ropes

Jess says:

“I just took it one day at a time, I added the personal training and then slowly changed my diet. I didn’t rush it or made a drastic change in my life, I’m going slow. ‘Slow and steady always win the race.”



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