Client Kay Edwards has got the spring back in her step

kay-battle-ropesPrivate Training

Kay started Personal training with Fitness Enhancement 3 years ago. She was attracted to Mobile Personal Training in the privacy of her home because she did not like how uncomfortable she felt in a gym or class environment. Kay had tried a few options and did not get the help she really needed, since starting with Fitness Enhancement she now loves the one on one training because it’s 100% tailored to her needs.

Breaking barriers

When she first started Training Kay wanted to be fit and healthy enough to enjoy life at her age more comfortably as mobility and flexibility were a major issue and restricted her everyday functions. Kay was also hopeful that exercise would help with her anxiety and depression which had become a big barrier in her life.


Through her regular Training with Chloe, Kay says she has regained her quality of life along with movements, mobility and weight loss she thought she never would. Kay has lost 46.3cms overall in
measurements within the past year and a total of 5kgs. Kay has more self-confidence, she can do things like touch her toes or go down into a full squat without assistance, even sit ups are not a problem which she never anticipated being able to complete! Kay says she has not only gained her strength, balance and flexibility, but she has gotten back the spring in her step and she couldn’t be happier!

Kay says:

“I enjoy how fantastic I feel after completing a session with Chloe and how much variety she gives me in each session and the fact that she takes the time to turn my weaknesses into strengths through all sorts of movements that are achievable for me. I enjoy her company and her ability to turn something i once felt was a chore into something fun and challenging. Nothing Is ever the same and the push she gives is always at the right tempo. If i had known about Fitness Enhancement before trying a gym and various other classes and boot camps I would have gone there in the first place. I believe they are the best Personal Trainers out there. Chloe and her team are very hands on and are there to make sure your programs are specifically tailored to your needs. I cannot praise them enough! “

kay-and-chloe-battle-ropesFavourite exercise?

I like to box as it is a great stress reliever for me

Least favourite exercise?

Jump rope or skipping my body tends to disagree with jumping however does not mean i will not do it 🙂

Future Goals

My goal is an on going one as I would like to be able to continue functionality of my body as I age and for my life style, So far i feel as if i am on the right track to doing so and i would like to maintain how fantastic I feel.



*Individual results may vary