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Gold Coast PT – Local Personal Trainers

Our Gold Coast Personal Trainers are passionate about getting you the results you deserve!

We Come to You

Our Personal Trainers are mobile and are happy to come directly to you, wherever you want to train.  We’re available from early in the morning (5:00am if you’re keen!) until late at night. We make it simple to fit exercise into your life.

PT Personalized for You

Not everyone’s fitness levels or goals are the same. For this reason your Gold Coast PT personal trainer will design your workouts specifically for you and your body.  If you haven’t liked to exercise in the past, we’ll create a workout you’ll love so you not only will get amazing results, but you will enjoy the whole journey.

100% Privacy

Crowded gyms or working out in public not for you? Working out with your Gold Coast PT Personal Trainer in the comfort of your home may be the perfect exercise solution for you. Our trainers don’t even have signage on their cars so the neighbors will never know when you are working out.

We Bring All the Gear

Your Personal Trainer carries with them all the equipment needed for your workout. You just need to be ready to go. Your sessions will never be the same and you will find them to be stimulating and fun.

60 Minutes a Week With a Gold Coast PT

Because our Gold Coast Personal Trainers are focused on giving you the right exercises to get you the right results, we make it easy to reach your goals.  Give us 60 minutes a week and we will get you amazing results!